The Anatomy of The Upper Back

The back of the body is made up of muscles, bones, and connective tissue. We all have a spine, and it connects all our limbs to our heads. It is an important organ for protecting and maintaining our body, and if you can’t understand the anatomy of the upper back, you will have problems with your spine and feel pain.


12 Unique Anatomy Of Upper Back 

Upper back pain has become a major problem for those who are involved in different activities. People who spend more than four hours at a time sitting can suffer from chronic pain in the upper back. If you suffer from such pain, you have two options: either go for surgery or take a simple home remedy. But before starting any treatment, you need to know what the anatomy of the upper back looks like.


Here are the top 12 anatomical features related to your Upper Back.


1. Lumbar Fascia

2. Thoracic Vertebrae

3. Thoracic Discs

4. Ribs

5. Clavicle

6. Sternum

7. Cervical Ribs

8. Suprasternal Notch

9. Supraclavicular Nerves

10. Brachial Plexus

11. Trapezius

12. Scalenes


It is made up of five bones. The five bones of the upper back are the scapula, thoracic, vertebrae, clavicle, and rib. The scapula is the large shoulder blade that is located under the arms. The thoracic is the space between the collar bone and the spinal column. The rib is the body’s main bone, which comprises 33 vertebrae. The clavicle is a collarbone and the bone that connects the shoulder blade and sternum. It is the smallest bone in the body. The muscles of the upper back are the major muscles of the body. They are the largest muscles in the body. It helps in carrying out most of the activities of the body. The five main muscles are pectoralis major, biceps, triceps, latissimus dorsi, and teres major.


Conclusions : There is no doubt that after reading the features mentioned earlier, you will never think of taking back pain again. If you are not able to solve the problem of pain, then you can opt for back pain surgeries. But you need to understand that surgery will not be a permanent solution. There are chances that the surgery might fail. This post has been helpful to you. I have also shared with you the anatomy of the upper back and the five main muscles of the back. I have also shown you the location of the bones and the location of the muscles. For more tips and useful knowledge like the above, visit our website

If you are suffering from back pain and want to cure it, then you have to know the anatomy of the upper back. So, please do it now and don’t wait for the problems to arise.

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