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Assisted Stretching

All Ages. All Body Types. All Activity Levels. 

You’ll get an amazing 30 or 60 Minute, Multi-Technique, Full Body Stretch Session. Also included, vibrating foam muscle roll-out.

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Stretch Authority

One-On-One Professionally Assisted Stretching

We offer convenient and efficient assisted stretching by professional stretch experts, who want to help you to increase your flexibility, range of motion, and overall well-being.


Join the millions of people who are finding that Assisted Stretching is reducing aches and pains, increasing their range of motion, flexibility, and overall health!

Great Value

Join as a Member, Get Perks, And Save Money. For a small amount of money, you're receiving a long lasting change in your physiology, activating muscle tissue and gaining benefits.


It's a snap to book on the app, no need for transactions onsite, just come in and get stretched! Dress comfortable, relax and we take care of the rest!

Why Stretch Authority?

Running Stretch Authority A dynamic image of a man in athletic wear mid-run, accentuated by neon green highlights on his sunglasses, zipper, sleeve, shoes, and socks.

Add Spring to Your Step

Kick Boxing Stretch Authority A determined man in athletic wear delivers a high kick, with a powerful expression and neon green highlights accentuating his shoes and wristbands.

Increase Your Range of Motion

Defense Stretch Authority A dynamic image of a woman in sportswear striking a pose with her arms extended, showcasing her toned muscles, highlighted by neon green and purple accents.

Be More Prepared

Joy Stretch Authority A woman in vibrant green top gracefully jumps, with her arms outstretched and curly hair flowing, symbolizing freedom, joy, and expression.

Reduce Your Aches and Pains

A dynamic silhouette of an athlete mid-air, with striking green highlights on her shirt and shoes, exemplifying strength, agility, and passion.

perform at your peak

Dance Move Stretch Authority A dynamic silhouette of a woman with flowing hair, donning neon green sports bra, poised in a dance or exercise move.

Hit Those Moves Easier

What's your Movement Age?

Probably the most telling sign of age, whether positive or negative, is not skin or hair, but how you move. Your gait, speed, balance, posture, flexibility, stability, and range of motion all play significant roles. With professional stretching, you could significantly improve your mobility, perhaps moving better than you have in years, which might surprise both you and those around you.

The Ultimate Stretching Experience

How to Enjoy a Session

The Process is easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Schedule Your 30 Min. Assisted Stretch Session

Create a sign-in, and Book Location, Date, Time, and Expert!


Check-In-a few Minutes Early and Use the Joint Warm-Up Center

You Relax While We Stretch You

Get a Head-to-Toe Effective 12 Step Stretch Routine

Leave Happy, Rejuvenated and Ready

You Will Feel Absolutley Amazing!

Our Twelve-Step Process will have you skipping a few steps in no time

Nothing gives us more pride than helping our customers live life loose!

book, pay, enjoy, repeat!

The Stretch Authority App allows you to easily book a stretch session in just moments. You can schedule, pay, view history, get reminders of appointments, and much more.

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Stretching Beyond Expectations


Improve your well being with us

Take time for yourself today

Stretch Authority wants to help maintain or get back your active lifestyle, so come join us today and start feeling the difference.

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