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3 Studio Floor Plans

Options to Suit Your Investment Level
$65K -$275K Initial Investment
  • PREMIERE - Largest Sized Studio 1200-1500 Square Feet
  • ADAPTA FLEX - Mid-Sized Studio 800-1200 Square Feet
  • FLEX LITE - Smaller-Sized 400-800 Square Feet

Reap rewards by helping customers surpass their goals, enjoying both personal satisfaction and financial gain. Catch our wave and leverage our way of doing things in the rapidly growing recovery niche of the health and wellness sector. Quick start a franchise as they are ready-to-go. From official documentation to opening day, the process is swift. You’ll receive full support once on board. We offer training, certification, and ongoing support for your business’s lifespan. Partner with us and make your business dreams a reality.

Our Distinction

At Stretch Authority, we prioritize top-tier quality, efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction, and community engagement. We’re looking for franchise owners who value these standards.

Using Technology To Ours and the Customer’s Advantage 

Customers maximize their stretch care with Our App. They save big, enjoying up to 20% savings over our national competitors. Our employees win too; they get paid more because we have less overhead. Customers enjoy the streamlined experience that allows them to Book, Pay, Review, and Tip with ease. Plus they can manage all aspects of their Stretch Care in our Stretch Hub App.

Franchise Owners maximize their investment with less overhead. Let our technology create the efficiencies for you! Booking, paying, rescheduling, cancellations, payment, payroll, work schedules, can all be done remotely and swiftly in Stretch Hub, our custom built studio management system.


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"Finally a stretch place that doesn't look, smell or sound like lawyer's or chiropractor's office!"

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"A chic, modern new wellness studio"

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"The facility was very pleasantly inviting & was greeted with professionalism & friendly warming staff. I like their stretch program techniques and they pay close attention to you as an individual."

Uniqueness in every detail

Stretch Authority knows that the formula for long-term business success ultimately comes down to certain key aspects. Each aspect needs should be scrutinized and must to make sense to the Franchise buyer before making a serious investment. We encourage you to compare our offer to any other Stretch Related Franchise.

As a franchise owner, these should be among the most important things to you:

Risk vs. Reward. Anyone can join a franchise brand after hundreds of units. The real opportunities come from early adopters.

We’re taking Applications now for Territories across USA and Canada. We are in business succeed together!


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Our brand is not a national brand yet, however it is soon to be. The Stretch Authority system is unlike any of the other assisted stretch brands out there First with "Warm-up Center" First with "Head's up Digital Displays". We own our Technology; much more! We are rapidly expanding into new markets.

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Low Start-up: We'll get your Franchise opened and running for $65 to $275K. Modest Fees: Royalties of 6% of Gross Revenue. Operational Efficiencies: We provide all of the technology and training tools for your team. Recurring Revenue of memberships. Much More!

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Stretch Authority has been designed for the discretionary franchise buyer. The more you ask, the more you will understand the value. Our franchise model provides a completely scalable business, allowing you to determine your own success in your market.

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Disclaimer: Investing in a franchise is a significant financial decision that should not be taken lightly. Before investing in a franchise, it is important to fully read and understand the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provided by the franchisor. The FDD contains important information about the franchisor, their business model, the costs involved in starting and running the franchise, the franchisor’s obligations to the franchisee, and the franchisee’s obligations to the franchisor. It is important to carefully review and understand this information before making any investment decisions. Investing in a franchise without fully understanding the FDD can lead to financial loss and other negative consequences. Therefore, we strongly advise potential franchisees to consult with a qualified professional and carefully evaluate all information contained in the FDD before investing in a franchise.

The Ultimate Stretch ExperienceTM

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