Decrease Muscle Stiffness and Increase Range of Motion By Stretching

There are many causes of muscle stiffness.  Looking at devices, sitting at a desk for long periods, or even sleeping the wrong way can make muscles stiff.  Not only does this cause discomfort or pain, but it can also cause a loss of range of motion.  Stretching can help alleviate both problems.

Why Stretching is Beneficial

Stretching keeps your muscles healthy, strong, and flexible.  Without stretching, your muscles become shortened and tight.  When you want to do activities, muscles are weaker and can’t extend all the way.  You then put yourself at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

For example, when you are sitting at your desk all day, the muscles and tendons in your hips can tighten up.  When you get up to walk, you may experience some pain and lose some flexibility.  It can also cause one side of your body to be shorty than the other, which can cause lower back pain.

When you get up throughout the day and stretch different muscle groups, you can keep your muscles long, lean, and flexible.  You’ll have more energy and be ready for activities like walking.

Stretching and Range of Motion

Not only does stretching help relieve tight muscles, but it can also help you have a larger range of motion.  Long hold, or static stretching, lengthens and relaxes the muscles and tendons.

Your muscles and joints are more flexible when you routinely stretch.  You have a more dynamic range of motion.

When you have a range of motion, you have:

  • Improved movement
  • Increased movement of the joint
  • Increase the function of the limbs and joints together
  • Decreased pain
  • Improved joint integrity

Increasing your range of motion through stretching can help you have a more active lifestyle and keep you moving efficiently, even when you’re older.

Stretching can help individuals in a variety of ways to keep them healthy and pain-free.  By alleviating sore muscles and increasing the range of motion, you will have more energy and independence.

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