Assisted Stretching: How it helps us to become flexible

We live in a fast-paced world where the lifestyle is becoming increasingly hectic. Most people need to be aware of the benefits of assisted stretching. The stretching techniques help reduce injuries, improve flexibility, and reduce pain. Here I am going to share how it helps.

Assisted stretching, also known as facilitated stretching, is a form of stretching that involves the assistance of a partner or a therapist to help you move through a wider range of motion than you could achieve on your own. This can help to improve your flexibility by gradually increasing the length and flexibility of your muscles.

Assisted stretching typically involves a series of stretches that are held for several seconds each, with the assistance of a partner or therapist. The partner or therapist may use a variety of techniques, such as gentle pressure, traction, or resistance, to help you move deeper into the stretch.

There are several ways that assisted stretching can help you become more flexible:

  1. Increases range of motion: Assisted stretching can help to increase your range of motion by gradually lengthening and loosening your muscles. This can help you to move more freely and comfortably, with less stiffness and pain.
  2. Improves circulation: Assisted stretching can also help to improve circulation to your muscles, which can promote healing and reduce the risk of injury. Improved circulation can also help to flush out waste products from your muscles, reducing soreness and stiffness.
  3. Enhances muscle relaxation: Assisted stretching can help to enhance muscle relaxation by promoting the release of tension in your muscles. This can help you to feel more relaxed and reduce stress levels.
  4. Improves posture: Assisted stretching can also help to improve your posture by lengthening and strengthening your muscles. This can help to alleviate pain and discomfort associated with poor posture, and also improve your overall appearance.

Overall, assisted stretching can be an effective way to improve your flexibility and enhance your overall health and well-being. It is important to work with a qualified therapist or partner who can guide you through the stretches and ensure that you are performing them correctly and safely.

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