Activities to Avoid Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve becomes inflamed and irritated. Sciatica is usually felt in the buttocks, the legs, and the hips. Sciatica is caused due to various reasons. It may become a chronic issue if you treat sciatica pain properly. Here are some activities to avoid sciatica pain.

You may suffer from sciatica, but it doesn’t mean you cannot overcome it.


What to Avoid To Get Rid Of Sciatica Pain?

It is very important to avoid doing certain movements while walking and make sure that you follow the right exercises. That will help you to prevent the pain from spreading to the back.

The muscles and bones linked with your back and hips may hurt when you walk in different places. You might feel soreness in your legs, but as soon as you start walking, you will feel better.


Couch potato

If you don’t exercise or play sports, it increases your back pain risk. Couch potatoes mostly experience sciatica pain. They don’t do any exercise and eat junk food. So, make sure to include exercise in your daily routine.


Lack of stretching

Another reason for sciatica is that you don’t stretch the muscles of the leg and hip region. If you don’t stretch, then it will cause muscle cramps. Stretching helps in reducing the tension in the muscles, and it also helps in loosening the stiff muscles.


Heavy lifting

You might be lifting heavy stuff at your workplace, but this will lead to sciatica pain if you don’t perform any stretching. You should make sure to do some stretching before you lift.


Don’t jump

That is the most common mistake that you make. When you are walking, jump and try to run. That is not advisable because it may strain your back, and you may have to sit down due to the pain.


Sitting at the desk for a long time.

Your office desk may have the capability of providing you with a comfortable seat, and it can support your back. But sitting in the same place for too long may lead to serious sciatica pain. If you want to avoid this, you must change your position frequently.

If you are feeling pain in your leg and foot, it is time to visit the doctor. 


Walking at the beach

Walking on the beach is not advised, as it will lead to sciatica pain. Walking on the sand can lead to a back injury, and you may experience severe back pain. (



If you want to reduce the risk of sciatica, then it is better to avoid these activities. By doing this, to watch how to apply above tips just watch amazing videos on our, YouTube Channel, you can stay away from the condition. So, avoid all these things to stay away from sciatica.

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