5 Best Exercises to Strengthen Upper Back and Shoulders

In this post, we will discuss 5 effective upper back and shoulder muscle exercises with detailed descriptions that will help you build a strong body.

  1. Prone cobra Start by lying on the floor in a prone position with your hands behind your back. Now, slowly raise your head and shoulder region with your arms by bending your elbows and stretching your back as much as possible.
  2. Prone butterfly Start with lying on the floor in a prone position with your knees bent and arms at your sides. Slowly raise your right arm by bending your elbow and stretching it as far as possible.
  3. Prone plank Start with standing in front of a wall kneeling with your back facing the wall. Now, place your palms on the wall and slowly raise your legs, so your torso becomes parallel to the floor.
  4. Single-arm row Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold one dumbbell with both hands and slowly lower it towards your shoulder while pulling the weight upwards. Keep your elbows close and pull your shoulder away from your ears.
  5. Lying side bridge Lie on your left side with your left arm outstretched, palm facing upward. Bend your knees and keep the right knee next to your left elbow. Raise your hips and extend your spine upwards as high as you can.

Upper back and shoulder exercise:

There are two kinds of exercises that you can perform, which the isolation and compound exercises. Let me tell you what the difference is between these exercises.

Upper back and shoulder isolation exercises:

In this type of exercise, the focus is to strengthen a particular area of the body, and it is known as isolation. It includes exercises like lying dumbbell curls, standing dumbbell rows, etc. These exercises require you to lift the weight from a lower position, hold it for a certain period, and then release it.

You need to ensure that the weight is just enough to not make you struggle to lift it. The more weights you are lifting, the stronger the muscle will be.

Upper back and shoulder compound exercises:

If you are a person who is looking for a complete body workout, this is the best option for you. In this type of workout, you will perform exercises that will work your entire body. So, a compound exercise is a combination of several types of exercises.

If you are a beginner, it is better to start with compound exercises and then do the isolation exercises.

Exercise tips:

To strengthen your shoulders and upper back muscles, you need to perform the exercises regularly and don’t skip them. Make sure you perform it for at least 2 to 3 months to see the difference.

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