Bones of the Upper-Back

When considering the human skeleton, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the vertebrae, which make up the body’s backbone. The backbone is comprised of several parts, including the neck, thorax, lumbar and cervical spine, pelvis, ribs, and skull.

The upper back is located on the upper portion of the body and consists of six important bones: the first through fifth cervical vertebrae (also known as C1 through C5) and the first through third thoracic vertebrae (or T1, T2, and T3).

Specifically, the cervical vertebrae consist of the first through third bones, while the thoracic vertebrae include the first through third bones as well.

Bones play a crucial role in a person’s overall strength, and bone density, in particular, can contribute significantly to strength even if the muscles are not well-developed. The human body has many different bones, each with unique structures and functions.

To gain a better understanding of these functions, it is helpful to know about five different types of bones that make up the upper back:

  1. Atlas bone – This triangular-shaped bone is situated in the center of the spine and acts as a keystone for the spinal column, supporting the neck and head.
  2. Axis – The axis is the second most important bone of the spine, comprising three vertebrae and connecting to the skull, shoulder blades, and ribs.
  3. Spina Occipitalis – This bone is formed by the occipital bone of the skull and connects to the occipital bone, cervical spine, and atlas bone. It helps protect the nerves of the brain and cervical spine.
  4. Cervical Vertebra – These bones are located at the base of the skull and are extremely strong, providing support for the entire skeleton.
  5. Ribs – These are the largest bones in the body and form the upper part of the chest. There are twelve segments in total.

By understanding the functions of these different bones, individuals can make the most of their back and avoid injury while exercising. Additional information on stretching and injury prevention can be found on the website and the accompanying YouTube channel.

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