The Link Between Hydration and Stretching

Water is essential to life.  Plain and simple.  Without water, your body couldn’t function.  Water regulates your body temperature, helps your brain function, and cleanses the body of waste.  Being hydrated also helps with movement.  Drinking enough water is vital when you have a stretching routine.

Hydration and Muscles

Your muscles are 70% water.  The more hydrated your muscles are, the better they perform.  When you don’t drink enough water, your muscles can’t expand and contract properly.

Hydration affects muscle strength as well.  If your muscles don’t get enough water, they may cramp up.  You may notice less muscle strength.

Joints also contain fluid that is mostly water.  When you are hydrated, you can move around more freely and without pain.  If the joints are not getting enough water, you may notice more stiffness in your movement.

Hydration and Flexibility

When your muscles are tight because they are dehydrated, they do not have flexibility.  You may also experience pain while stretching. When you are trying to gain flexibility and maximum physical performance, your muscles need water.

In addition, the tissue that surrounds the muscles, joints, and organs, known as fascia, relies on water to keep it hydrated and smooth.  When fascia is healthy, it allows your muscles to have more flexibility and movement.

Stretching is important because it keeps muscles elastic and athletic.  Stretching also helps the joints have more range of motion.

To stretch properly and get the best results, getting enough water is vital.  Hydrating is the foundation for almost every bodily function.

The amount of water you should be drinking depends on several factors, such as climate and activity level.  If you are unsure how much water you need to be healthy.  Talk to your doctor.

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